Bespoke Consultancy Service

We offer professional, tailor-made dance consultancy for individuals and dance schools.

Do you have competitive dancers who need an extra push? Do you think your choreography choices could use a second opinion? Would you like advice or guidance on your end of year showcase performance?

Here at S E Dance Productions we can offer our time to help you and your dancers develop and improve. We work with dance schools to professionally critique solo routines, group routines, full show cases and competitive dance performances. 

We can:

> Offer constructive criticism on performances 

> Clean single or multiple routines in preparation for performance

> Advise on competition etiquette for the dancer 

> Re-work spacing or choreography 

> Advise on music and costuming 

> Work on specific skills 

> Assist with full showcase rehearsals/show days  

> Assist at competitions 

Plus much more! Please contact to discuss your requirements. 

“As a long standing dance teacher, I appreciate the need for a second opinion in many cases. It is common for teachers to miss issues and corrections in their own choreography and an impartial eye is always helpful to move things along. Often students are ‘stuck’ and will continue to make the same mistakes, regardless of your corrections. It sometimes takes that additional person to spark their motivation and accept the correction. Our service is here to offer these changes and corrections that your or your students may not see and help to improve the performance impact of all dance pieces, however big or small.” 

Shawnee Edwards - Director